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FRP/GRP profile

FRP/GRP composites are fiber-reinforced polymer. The strength of GRP composite depends on the type, direction, quantity and location of fiberglass used in product. Resin used for bonding glass fibers which makes it more difficult piece, impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

FRP/GRP Molded Grating

Liquid resin and continuous fiberglass roving are systematically laid in the mold, layer after layer manually, to produce the desired thickness and panel dimensions. The finished molds are set aside for a predetermined time to allow the panel to cure. The panel is then ejected from the mold. The molds are cleaned and prepared for the process to begin again.

FRP/GRP cable tray and cable ladder with cover

Composite cable trays are fabricated from components derived from a process called PULTRUSION. This process enables a high percentage of reinforcement to be incorporated into the components giving it very superior strength. The strength of it in relation to its weight therefore exceeds the performance of those of steel or aluminum

FRP/GRP Handrail

FRP/GRP Composite handrail and fences are the other products of this knowledge-based company that are composed of studs sections, squares, metallic pipes and fittings and will be assembled according to customer’s plan. Handrails or fences are shields for people passing that will be installed on the bridges, platforms, around the stairs, pools, ponds, tanks and etc.

FRP/GRP Strength member for optical fiber

FRP Rod is used as a strength member for optical fiber. When optical fiber cables are stretched and bent, the stress applied to the them is transferred to the composite core, and the high strength of these components prevents the optical fiber cables from rupturing during stress application.

FRP/GRP rebar

One of the best composite materials has been known in different fields for production lightweight, high strength and durable Concrete sections is FRP/GRP composite rebar

Asia Composite Knowledge-Based Company

Asia Composite Company manufacture various kinds of FRP/GRP composite products with skilled workforce and high technology. We are dedicated to develop products based on our customers' request.

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